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Offshore Drilling

Offshore Gases

Total solutions to serve diverse offshore markets

Air Products supplies total solutions to the offshore industry globally. We offer a full range of gases including high quality diving and welding mixtures backed up by specialist offshore equipment, chemicals and services. Commercial divers have come to rely on the purity and accuracy of our diving gas mixtures; our welding gases are used for the most demanding application and our specialty gases are used in laboratories and national institutions around the world. Safety and quality underscore all we do.

Why Air Products is your perfect partner?

Our Strong Heritage

Over the last 45 years, we have established a leading position in Asia’s offshore marketplace.

Safety First

Our diving and breathing gases meet stringent quality requirements. We know better than anyone that gas quality is critical.

Diversified Supply Options

We offer a variety of supply options for helium, oxygen and breathing gas mixtures, with various volumes. Supply options include tube skid modules and 16-, 48- and 64-cylinder racks.

Unparalleled Services

Our on-time delivery and reliable services, especially during the case of an emergency, give customers complete peace of mind.