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Food Industry

Cryogenic Chilling

The fastest way to cool down your food or beverage product 

Are you looking to quickly cool down a powder, a sauce or liquid, a soft doughy preparation or a whole final product? Our cryogenic chilling solutions can be fitted onto your transfer line or your mixer/blender with minimal disruption to your process. Also, our compact batch and continuous freezers can be set up to cool down your product to a precise desired end temperature. Offering you a worry free chilling solution adapted to your needs.

​Why Chill Cryogenically?


Chill your preparation in minutes rather than hours

Money Savings

Boost your current freezing/chilling capacity with limited capital investment

Shelf Life

The faster a preparation is cooled, the faster it is microbiologically stable

Product Quality

Our equipment can be adapted to the exact needs and properties of your product, optimally preserving its quality


Ask the Expert

Karen Callingham, Food Cryogenics Expert
Karen Callingham

Food Cryogenics Technical Expert, UK

Will the cold nitrogen or CO₂ damage my product?

Our machines have different parameters that allow us to do a colder, faster chill or a softer one depending on the requirements of your product.