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Accelerating the Energy Transition and Generating a Cleaner Future 

Air Products is Invested in the Energy Transition

Air Products is using our experience as the world's leading hydrogen supplier to scale the supply of clean hydrogen, which can be used to decarbonize hard-to-electrify heavy industry and transportation. Our products and technologies will help drive industrial decarbonization and zero-emissions transportation. 

Technologies Advancing the Energy Transition

Industrial Decarbonization

Air Products partners with customers to support their decarbonization journeys, using our expertise in clean hydrogen and carbon capture to provide lower-emissions industrial solutions. 

$15B Committed Globally to Energy Transition Projects

We're Leading the Way in Scaling Clean Hydrogen Production

Clean hydrogen is essential to the energy transition and in decarbonizing heavy transportation and industry. By investing billions in scaling clean hydrogen production, Air Products is showing the world we have the technology and expertise to generate a cleaner future.

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