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Frozen appetizers exiting a tunnel freezer
Food Industry

Cryogenic Freezing

Faster freezing for higher product quality

Liquid nitrogen and CO₂ offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods of food freezing and chilling. They allow the processing of larger quantities faster, while occupying significantly less floor space. Air Products’ Freshline® freezing solutions are designed for a variety of batch or continuous freezing processes. You’ll find that their innovative design makes them easy to clean and maintain, saving you both downtime and labour costs. Ask our experts for the best solution to meet your needs.

Why Choose a Cryogenic Freezer?

There are several reasons to choose a cryogenic freezer rather than a traditional blast freezer


They operate at much lower temperatures allowing you to freeze more in less time


A faster freeze results in reduced cell wall damage, better preserving your product's taste, texture and moisture levels


They can be set up with different recipes allowing you to produce various throughputs and products with the same machine


They are generally more compact than mechanical or blast freezers


They normally require a lower investment cost and can be rented


A faster freeze means less dehydration, which results in an improved yield.


Ask the Expert

Karen Callingham, Food Cryogenics Expert
Karen Callingham

Food Cryogenics Technical Expert, UK

What cost should I expect from cryogenic freezing?

The cost will vary depending on your throughput, starting and ending temperature as well as product water content. We have sophisticated food freezing sizing tools which will calculate the cost to freeze and identify the ideal technology for the process. Feel free to contact me for more information.