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Vapor series
Life Science (Biomedical)

Dry Vapour Shippers

Liquid nitrogen cryogenic vapour shipper

MVE CryoShippers are designed for the safe transportation of biological samples at cryogenic (-150 °C or colder) temperatures. They charge with liquid nitrogen in under two hours, allowing for same-day vapour shipping.

A protective shipping carton is available for all models. These containers may be used to ship your samples with a non-hazardous classification throughout the world, thus reducing costs and helping to assure sample viability.


Photo courtesy of Chart Industries, Inc. Copyright 2018. Used with permission, all rights reserved.


Ask the Expert 

How long does it take to charge a vapour shipper?

MVE CryoShipper Series utilizes an advanced QWick Charge material that charges with liquid nitrogen in fewer than two hours.