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Oil and Gas

Enhanced Oil Recovery

How injection of high-pressure nitrogen gas can help to increase oil production:

Air Products’ industrial gases are being used to significantly increase recoverable hydrocarbon reserves. Our enhanced recovery technology spans the production of high-purity nitrogen for applications such as pressure maintenance, miscible displacements, and recovery of natural gas liquids (NGL). Air Products has successfully supplied multiple nitrogen injection and nitrogen rejection projects and continues to be at the forefront of developing enhanced recovery techniques involving non-hydrocarbon gases.

Benefits of injection of high-pressure nitrogen  

Miscible displacement with nitrogen

Increases oil recovery in deep reservoirs

Gas cap displacement

Maintain reservoir pressure with nitrogen rather than natural gas

Cycling rich gas reservoirs

Maintain reservoir pressure to maximize natural gas liquids and condensate recovery

Immiscible displacement of oil

Augments gravity drainage or maintains gas cap pressure

Carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery

Increases recovery from residual oil zone