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Young man testing breath function
Gas Detection

Exhaled Breath Analysis Equipment Calibration

In recent years there has been an increase in the number of patients being referred and tested for breathing related illnesses. Various types of medical equipment are utilised to diagnose either the type of disorder or the severity of the disease itself.

We have developed a specific range of gas mixtures that can be used to calibrate or test equipment associated with exhaled breath. Typically these mixtures are used in spirometry (lung function), carbon monoxide, fractional exhaled nitric oxide and hydrogen breath testing.

We understand the critical importance of the accuracy of results given by the medical equipment, which is why users rely upon our gas mixtures for these exacting applications.

How Can Air Products Help In Calibrating Your Equipment?

Comprehensive Mixture Offering

Standard and non-standard gas mixtures available

Extensive Knowledge

With many years of experience in calibration gas mixtures, we understand the importance of your application.


With shelf lives of 60 months, the accuracy of your calibration and testing can be assured.

Complete Range

To complement the gas mixture range, there is an extensive portfolio of gas control equipment.


Ask the Expert

Expert Trish Lees
Trish Lees

Business Development Specialist

How many tests can be performed using each canister?

The instrument manufacturer normally states the gas flow rate required in their operating procedures. Air Products' largest canisters hold approximately 110 litres, so an instrument with a response time of 10 seconds using a fixed flow of gas of 1.0 lpm might be tested several hundred times using the 110L canister.