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Flat panel displays

Flat Panel Displays

Innovative gas solutions that can help you on the next generation of display manufacturing

Display technology keeps changing to enable the next generation of personal computers, notebook computers, and other electronics devices, with lower cost, thinner size, lighter weight, higher flexibility and resolution. Over the past years, Air Products has been leading in bringing together gases, equipment and services in unique ways. We will continue to serve you with unmatched industry experiences and technical know-how for your rapid growth from now and in the future.

Ask the Expert

We are investigating alternative methods in cleaning our arrays other than using wet chemicals.  Can you recommend a dry process?

An excellent alternative to clean the arrays and avoid wet chemistry with its costs and hazards is to look at a supercritical CO₂ dry clean process.  This process uses CO “snow” or pellets to remove surface contaminations without impacting the critical components on the array.