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Rubber and Plastics

Injection or Blow Molding

High pressure nitrogen for meeting high pressure demands

Plastic producers are under ever increasing pressure to increase quality while decreasing costs. Gas Assist Injection Molding (GAIM) can help you meet both demands by allowing you to decrease your plastic usage while ensuring a more consistent product quality and wall thickness—all with an aim to maximize your process efficiency. Liquid nitrogen can also be used in the blow molding process instead of cooled air to help increase quality and productivity in the process. In some cases, liquid carbon dioxide can be used for temperature control and cooling hot spots in the molding process.

Why Nitrogen?

A common question is "Why should I use nitrogen for GAIM instead of pure air?"  Here is a sample of some of the benefits that nitrogen usage provides over air usage:


Some polymers can experience quality problems due to oxidation that occurs  at high temperatures and pressures required for injection molding. Inert nitrogen eliminates oxygen and reduces the opportunity for oxidation.


Injection molding with nitrogen can help to reduce splay and other defects caused by moisture and oxygen that are sometimes exhibited when using  air in the injection molding of plastics.


Liquid nitrogen can be pumped to a high pressure more cost efficiently than air can be compressed to a high pressure. This can help to reduce capital on air compressors and help reduce overall energy expenditure.