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Laboratory Analysis

Experis® ultra-high purity gases and mixtures for analytical applications

The Experis® specialty gases range from Air Products has been specially developed for the analytical user, and includes ultra-high-purity gases, gas mixtures and gas-handling equipment. Our unique BIP® technology offers the highest purity levels in argon, nitrogen, helium and hydrogen for the most demanding analytical applications.

Air Products’ extensive range of calibration and accredited gas mixtures are produced from a wide variety of components with concentrations as low as parts per billion (ppb) and offer mixture stability, certification and traceability to meet the most demanding applications. To complement this offering, we can supply a high-quality range of gas-handling equipment which includes cylinder regulators, manifolds, valves and purge systems.

Impurities in your gas can significantly compromise the accuracy of your analysis and cause major problems with analytical equipment. Our team of experts can advise you on the right specialty gas for your application at the optimum purity level or mixture composition, and ensure this is delivered on-time and in the best supply mode for your requirements.

More Accurate Analysis

Greater sensitivity and lower limits of detection

Lower Operational Costs

BIP® technology removes harmful impurities, increasing equipment lifespan and reducing maintenance frequency

Reduced System Maintenance

BIP® technology eliminates the requirement for external purifiers

Unrivalled Purity

BIP® technology is up to 300 times purer than conventional gases; less than 10ppb O₂ and less than 20 ppb H₂O


Advanced gas mixture technology techniques

Gas Mixture Stability Of Up To 10 Years

Cylinder treatment technologies endorsed by the world's leading gas metrology institutes


Robust measurement traceability to international standards


A wide range of standard compositions, plus rapid delivery of bespoke calibration mixtures to suit your analysis

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