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Packaging, Inerting and Blanketing

Safety and quality for your biotechnology manufacturing facilities

Inerting, also known as blanketing, is the process of replacing the atmospheric air around a substance with a non-reactive gas (such as nitrogen, argon, …) to ensure it stays in a passive state.

Our solutions can help you to preserve the quality of active ingredients and drugs, allowing to eliminate oxidation and prevent microbiological contamination of your products.

When using nitrogen for the packaging of biotech products, we understand you want assurance that the nitrogen you’re using is reliable, traceable and compliant with regulations.

We can help you choose the optimum method to meet your needs while also keeping gas usage to a minimum.


Protects sensitive materials from fire and explosions with the minimum gas volume

Safety at the Lowest Cost Supply Alternative

Proprietary software to perform calculations ranging from mixture flammability and Critical Oxygen Concentration (COC)

Quality Compliance

Compliant to US, Japanese and European Pharmacopoeias (European Pharmacopoeia and GMP Part II)

Meets Performance Standards

Easy to Manage