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Metals and Materials Processing

Powder Metal Atomization and Production

Air Products can provide various gas atmospheres, including high pressure argon, nitrogen or helium, for powder atomization and hydrogen-based atmospheres for powder reduction.

Air Products offers a variety of technical services, gas-based solutions, and a full line of industrial gases—including argon and hydrogen for small and large volume users. Our applications engineers can work with you to understand your powder metal production process and recommend improvements that can help you optimize gas use and improve product quality and throughput.

Powder Atomization and Production Expertise and Solutions

Applying innovation and our expertise to solve our customers’ problems is our core strength

Improved quality of powder atomization and production

Proper selection of gas type, flow and pressure can improve the quality of the metal powder product

Optimize gas use

Our applications engineers can work with you to understand your powder metal production process and recommend improvements

Gas recovery and recycle

Gas recovery and recycle systems are another possible solution for reducing overall operating costs where processes require helium or argon as the atomizing gas


Ask the Expert

Don Bowe
Don Bowe

Applications Engineer

Is my gas purity adequate for my process?

Industrial gases, such as nitrogen, hydrogen, and argon, for furnace atmospheres are characterized by their very high purity (>99.995% and above). For example, impurity levels for cryogenic nitrogen are 10 parts per million by volume (ppmv) oxygen or less, and 3 ppmv or less moisture (< – 90° F dew point). This purity is typically adequate for many processes involving a wide array of materials. Some materials, due to their high reactivity, may require gases with even lower levels of impurity, especially those supplied via bulk or tube trailer supply modes. Some facilities install in-line purifiers as an added precaution against impurities picked up from the houseline. In-line purification typically involves the removal of oxygen and moisture. Sometimes with argon supply, it is necessary to remove trace nitrogen impurities. The choice of purifier is dependent on the gas and the type and amount of impurities to be removed. If you are having a process issue that you think may be related to gas purity, please call Air Products at 800-654-4567.