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Air conditionning cooling installation
Gas Detection

Refrigerant Leak Detection

To ensure compliance with regulations, all equipment and sensors, whether in fixed installations or portable monitors, must be regularly tested. This is to ensure that when an alarm condition is identified, users or personnel within the working zone are alerted and take the appropriate course of action, as defined in their emergency procedure handbook.

Air Products has developed a range of gas mixtures specifically for leak detection in the refrigerant and air conditioning industries. Using these mixtures ensures that your equipment will remain correctly calibrated to alarm, in the case of an uncontrolled release of gas.

Benefits of Air Products' Canister Offering

Focused Offering

Calibration and function test gas concentrations specifically for refrigerant leak detection

Quick Availability

Standard product offering ensures quick dispatch to you the customer

Long Shelf Life

Our mixture stability is market leading, lasting 60 months

Complete Range

Complementing the gas mixture offering, there are a full suite of gas control equipment regulators available


Ask the Expert

Expert Trish Lees
Trish Lees

Business Development Specialist

How many tests can be performed using each canister?

The instrument manufacturer normally states the gas flow rate required in their operating procedures. Air Products' largest canisters hold approximately 110 litres, so an instrument with a response time of 10 seconds using a fixed flow of gas of 1.0 lpm might be tested several hundred times using the 110L canister.