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Wafer with integrated passives elements


We assist you to reach the next node level in your wafer fabrication process

Today’s semiconductor processes face extreme reliability and yield expectations. You need to ensure that the purity of the process and equipment availability is up to your expectations. Air Products is the best partner of choice for global semiconductor manufacturers. We offer a broad portfolio of ultra-high purity carrier gases, equipment, and services to help you achieve the highest standard of consistent and reliable semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Ask the Expert

Can you provide guidance on the proper gas purification system for my semiconductor fabrication site?

There is no one system that can purify all your process gases at one time. Depending on the gas to be purified, the impurities that have to be removed, the flow rate and the required final purity, there are different types of purifiers available from large back pad systems to small point of use systems. We can assist you in deciding on the correct system for your requirements.