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Wine Preservation

Put a pause on the spoilage countdown that starts once you open a bottle of wine

Do you run a restaurant and would like extend the quality of the wines you sell by the glass? Or maybe you have recently purchased a wine dispensing machine or wine preserving closet and you are looking for inert gases to top off the opened bottles as they are being gradually used.

As soon as you open a bottle, the oxygen present in the air that we breathe starts to oxidise the wine. It is generally recognised that a bottle goes bad approximately a day after being opened. Inert food grade gases can help you significantly reduce the quantities of wine that you end up throwing away.

By topping off or flushing argon or nitrogen into the opened bottle after every dispense of a glass you can preserve the quality of the wine for much longer.

We supply food grade nitrogen or argon to numerous restaurants, wine bars or clubs around Europe. Whether you already have your wine dispensing and/or preserving equipment or not, our experts will be happy to help you determine the best solution for your needs.

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