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Cleanfire® Gen 1 Oxy-fuel Burner

A rugged, virtually maintenance-free oxy-fuel burner that does well in harsh environments

The Air Products Cleanfire® Gen 1 oxy-fuel burner has been proven to be an effective and rugged oxy-fuel burner system installed for boosting or full conversion glass or frit melting applications. It can withstand the harsh, dusty conditions that often exist close to an exhaust flue and in turbulent atmospheres, e.g. small container furnaces and frit furnaces. To help you understand if this burner is a good fit for your needs we can run a demonstration in our pilot-scale Advanced Clean Energy lab.

Advanced Clean Energy Laboratory—virtual demonstrations to global locations

The Advanced Clean Energy Laboratory is our newest demonstration facility, capable of facilitating development and full-scale testing of combustion systems using actual customer fuels. Plus a remote video imaging system enables real-time participation in testing via the Internet.