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Frozen Shrimp

Freshline® IQF+ Tunnel Freezer

Large throughputs, high-quality IQF

Are you looking to Individually Quick Freeze (IQF) high volumes of smaller products like shrimp, diced meats, or fruit and berries, while keeping costs at a minimum? Are you keen on having more than 99% free flowing product? Do you have sticky or difficult to handle products and want to achieve an optimal IQF result?
The Freshline® IQF+ was designed for you. Its highly efficient design allows processors to produce consistent, high-quality IQF products in larger throughputs than standard spray freezing cryogenic IQF freezers, without requiring the high liquid nitrogen consumption of immersion freezers.

Freshline IQF Tunnel Freezer

Freshline® IQF+ Tunnel Freezer

Why Do Our Customers Choose Our IQF+ Freezer?


Better IQF results than conventional spray freezers and higher quality frozen product than air blast freezers


High throughput freezer


It can handle a wide range of throughputs with multiple options to meet your specific production needs


More efficient than traditional cryogenic freezers for reduced operation costs, and minimal capital investment


It can freeze more IQF products in less space than conventional cryogenic or mechanical freezers

Boost an existing freezing process

It can be placed in front of a mechanical freezer to improve IQF quality, while also increasing freezing capacity

Ask the Expert

Neil Hansford - Food Technology Expert, UK
Neil Hansford

Food Technology Expert, UK

What type of products can I freeze on the Freshline® IQF+ tunnel?

You can freeze any type of product on the IQF+ tunnel, especially smaller IQF products like shrimp, fresh cut fruit, berries, diced meat products etc.