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Biological wastewater treatment plant

Halia® Ozone Systems

Ozone solutions for water processes and waste reduction

Benefits of the Halia® Ozone Systems

Non-Biodegradable and Micro-Contaminant Removal

Efficiency limitation in biological wastewater treatment due to non-biodegradable compounds can be solved with ozone

Ozone in Single Mode or Advanced Oxidation Mode

Our Lab can help determine the best process conditions and technology for your needs

No Waste in Ozone Systems

Oxidation processes using ozone, do not produce any waste other than oxygen gas that can be recovered for aeration

Lab and Pilot Scale Capabilities to Test Ozone Processes

Air Products can test at lab scale but also at pilot scale in our onsite facilities operated with dedicated partners

Waste Reduction

Ozone can be used in conventional water plants to reduce the quantities of sludge produced by 80%