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PRISM On-site Oxygen Generation and Plant Support

Robust Solutions. Superior Industry Integration.

Robust oxygen supply for heavy duty users. Air Products pioneered the on-site oxygen production concept over 75 years ago and today we continue to integrate our oxygen generation plants into the operations of industrial and municipal users such as glass, nonferrous metals and steel, cement, pulp and paper, water treatment and other industries.

From local On-site Applications Engineers to Plant Sales and Support Staff, Air Products global team of on-site experts works with customers across industries and applications to develop oxygen supply systems that emphasize safety, reliability and operating efficiency, contributing to cost-effective oxygen supply, higher productivity, and improved environmental performance.

Global team of local experts evaluate your specific flow, purity, and pressure  requirements and work with you to design the oxygen plant system tailored to your needs

Modular designs and standard components minimize installation time and maximize operational efficiency and maintenance to minimize overall cost of delivered oxygen

Fully automated and monitored remotely, Air Products on-site oxygen plants offer the highest levels of safety and reliability

Ongoing after-sale Plant Support and Services for equipment upgrades, spare parts management, preventive maintenance plans, operating support and digital analytics services help optimize performance over the lifetime of the asset

Cutting Emissions and Reaping Production Benefits with Air Products Integrated Oxygen Solutions

"It was clear from day one that Air Products was deploying a team of genuine combustion engineering experts who knew the glass industry intimately."

Lee KeunHaeng, Project Manager, Techpack Solutions