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Do I need special gas control equipment to connect to cylinder with BIP® technology? plus minus

No. BIP® cylinder valves include many unique features designed to deliver ultra high purity gas, but the outlet connection is the same as conventional gas cylinders. This means you can switch to BIP® technology immediately without any hassle using your existing equipment.

Of course, make sure the equipment is intended for use with ultra high purity gases. Contact us and ask our experts for advice on gas control equipment selection if you need it.

Yes! In-line purifiers can actually be the source of critical impurities, especially if they are not very well maintained. Isolation valves and pipework connections are surrounded by air and vulnerable to ingress of atmospheric oxygen and moisture.

BIP® technology is much more efficient. Two critical parameters that affect purifier efficiency are pressure (Langmuir adsorption model), and the linear velocity of the gas flowing through them. Purifier efficiency is optimised when the gas pressure is high, and when the linear velocity of gas is low.

BIP® purifiers are situated inside the high pressure gas cylinder and are completely surrounded by ultra-high purity gas throughout their service life. Conventional in-line purifiers are located on the downstream side of any gas control equipment in a low pressure environment. This means that BIP® technology is much more efficient at removing critical impurities, oxygen and moisture from the gas stream.

The linear velocity of gas travelling through the purifier when it is inside the cylinder is very low. The impurities spend a very long time in the purifier media where they can be easily captured. The linear velocity of gas on the downstream side of the gas control equipment is dramatically higher, which means the impurities reside in any external in-line purifier for a very short amount of time.

Having a purifier inside the cylinder is the perfect combination. Users of BIP® technology can also eliminate all the cost and hassle of maintaining in-line purifiers.

Yes. In fact certificates of conformity are available for all of our ultra-high purity gases on request. Please contact us if you need product certification.