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PRISM® Nitrogen Membrane Systems — Permeation Systems for On-site Nitrogen Production

Compact systems for high capacity operation

Compact configuration. Robust capacity. Air Products PRISM® nitrogen membrane plants are a powerhouse unit capable of producing nitrogen up to 70,000 scfh with a range of purities up to 99.5% and are suitable for applications across a wide range of nitrogen needs from inerting warehouses to beverage dispensing and tire filling applications.

Our advanced selective permeating technology housed in a fully skidded unit is engineered for fast installation, low maintenance and simple operation.

PRISM® Membrane Systems – Robust Performance in a Compact Package

Compact design for high capacity use

Floor-mounted configuration requires no special foundations and expansion capability allows the system to accommodate increased volume requirements

Easy operation and minimal maintenance

Few moving parts, removable panels,  and advanced PLC control systems enables easy access and remote operation

Efficient, cost-effective nitrogen use

Automatic shutdown during periods of low demand reduces power consumption and operating costs